​In The 2030 Caregiving Crisis: A Heavy Burden for Boomer Children by author Henry Moss, the scary reality of the future of caregiving and family life facing many of today’s families is looked at squarely in the eye. With the Baby Boomer generation reaching retirement and soon the years in which they will need the most care, many seem to be turning a blind eye to the very real issues we are soon to face. There will be too many people needing care, not enough people to care for them, and not enough funding for the care that is available. Families will need to pick up the slack for their loved ones, and much of that responsibility will fall onto the shoulders of Boomer children. Coming at a time when many of those children will have children of their own in college, they are trying to recover from their own losses in the recent economic downturn, and they may have started to deal with their own medical issues as well - these added tasks and stressors will certainly not be easy.

I very much enjoyed author Henry Moss’ new book. Besides giving a compelling argument to explain our country’s upcoming issues in health care, he also gives a viable and realistic plan to help our country to deal with these same issues. Espousing a plan in which a veritable army of personal care workers would be trained to care for our newly aged society, The 2030 Caregiving Crisis could certainly serve as a guide for best practices in long term care in our very new future. This book should be read by any family who has an aging member and anyone who cares about the future of our country and citizens. I certainly hope that author Henry Moss will continue with his useful and important work in this area; his voice is one of reason and sense and provides a good solution to an emerging potential crisis.
- Readers' Favorite

The 2030 Caregiving Crisis